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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
My point is that not everything is soooo cut and dry. There are grey areas in the world not just black and white. As in the BSL just because some bullies are to put it politely,, screwed... doesn`t meant they all are. Just like because there are byb`s and puppymills doesn`t mean all breeders are bad.
The point of this thread was 'I think' the disappointment some may have had in regards to his decision. 'I think' that he did previously state that he was going to go to a shelter or rescue however was given a 'gift'. That 'gift' (and not to mention a word that everyone I hope wishes to avoid) is not a rescued pup. This little pup was a return. There is a difference between a return and a rescue.

In the end, the family will no doubt give this very lucky pup a good home...afterall eveyone is watching.
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