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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
Having sat back and watched this thread, I personally not only didn`t find CLM confrontational, but i also tend to agree with a majority of what was said. Due to allergy issues the families breed choices are limited. We did a search lastnight on the breed they chose and hmmm not one purebred to be found. The puppy was a return so technically he is a rescue.

ACO22 it is very sad that your image of breeders has become sooo jaded. I find sometimes the way you force your thoughts akin to the thinking that created the BSL laws in Ontario. I invite you to come to my neck of the woods anytime to meet a totally ethical breeder. The woman i got my Qman from is the best of the best. A truly ethical breeder does it for the love of the breed, they either break even or lose money on each litter. In a perfect world it is the byb`s and puppymills that need to disappear and the ethical breeders be preserved.
That is very interesting Aslan that one would lump ACO22 opinion about breeders to that of the creation of the BSL laws in Ontario. Now that is a revelation!
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