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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Indeed but she was polite and non confrontational. Now I rather just stick to this topic but since you posted, I will respond.

Back on topic with my thoughts....hopefully this breed will not be bastersized by BYB's, millers and such. I keep thinking about the 101 dalmations, Hooch, and of course the American Bulldog in one of those shows.

I think Jim Hall summed it up well...had they searched long enough they would have gotten a little one that NEEDED the help.
Having sat back and watched this thread, I personally not only didn`t find CLM confrontational, but i also tend to agree with a majority of what was said. Due to allergy issues the families breed choices are limited. We did a search lastnight on the breed they chose and hmmm not one purebred to be found. The puppy was a return so technically he is a rescue.

ACO22 it is very sad that your image of breeders has become sooo jaded. I find sometimes the way you force your thoughts akin to the thinking that created the BSL laws in Ontario. I invite you to come to my neck of the woods anytime to meet a totally ethical breeder. The woman i got my Qman from is the best of the best. A truly ethical breeder does it for the love of the breed, they either break even or lose money on each litter. In a perfect world it is the byb`s and puppymills that need to disappear and the ethical breeders be preserved.
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