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Majorsmom I feel your pain. One of my Minpins is a whiner in the car (actually, truck..) and like yours she is VERY excited and HAPPY to go anywhere in the truck so I know that her whining is not because she is upset to be there. Someone nailed it on the head when they mentioned that they think it is just excitement, I think this is the case for my dog as well. Minpins are notoriously vocal, and she is the worst (by far) of my bunch.

It's sad for her though, because when I pick a dog to go along with me on outings I tend to not take her because she is so darn annoying when I am driving. Trying to shush a whining dog in the car is no fun and stressful no matter the cause. I am at a loss at what to do too, I seriously doubt there is anything I can do but live with this quirk. Actually, she has lots of quirks...most having to do with her being so darn vocal.

BTW...I also have a Cuz, ears chewed off and all!
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