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Red face a SISTER for Molly !?

For those members who haven't heard, my potential rescue from SW Ontario has been adopted, so my search for a 2nd dog continues. I had planned on waiting until summer, so I can devote more time to the new addition, but today, something kinda fell into my lap
My friend told me about a stray who has been sitting at the "pound" here for over a month.... she was found lost and hungry in a trailer park, and hasn't been claimed yet. So I went there and met her today. Our animal control is run by 2 part time bylaw officers, so its very small and informal. The good thing is that it is no-kill
I met Sassy, a small young (under 1 year) mixed breed... no idea what breeds are in her but to me she looks like part fox!! She is just the smallest cutest thing, with a white tip on her tail!! I had Molly with me, so they met and I was allowed to take them for a walk together. They did so well, Sassy kept trying to mount Molly, but Molly played it cool and they both seemed quite playful together. Sassy isn't really leash trained, they said she pulls a lot, but she stayed right beside Molly and did quite well. Sassy isn't spayed yet so that might explain the mounting.
I think I kinda fell in love with her! and now don't know what to do! I didn't think a female was in the cards for us, but they did seem to get along well. She is crate trained as well, which is a big advantage for me.
I might see if I can take them for a couple more walks together this week and then a possible trial sleepover this weekend.
What are you thoughts and ideas?? I want to try to be reasonable but she really won me over
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