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personally with me, i have always had labs, ever since i was a child. Then i got my own lab so training her was easy for me. After she passed away i decided that their was an empty spot and decided to get another dog. Well, planning to get another lab, i fell in love with a chihuahua. I was never ever thinking of getting a small dog, and training her was totally different then the labs. I ended up enrolling us in some behavour training classes. I tried reading up online, and all the different thing to do and not do with chihuahuas. They are very smart dogs and yet they are very stuborne. I did ask for advice from other people on different boards but in the end one on one training with a professional is what it came down to. I was even told by some one who "trained dogs" that their was no point in training a chi becuse when they are bad you can just pick them up and put them in a crate or something... that didn't fly with me. so again, go with your gut.
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