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Firstly, I would hope anyone (newbie) getting a pet for the first time, would be responsible enough to do their research before obtaining a pet, so that they would have some idea as to what they were getting into, yes I know, far too many don't.

I'm not an accredited trainer, but I do have a lot of experience with "bully breeds", I also know that what works for one dog, may not work for another, therefore I consider each and every day a learning experience, because with each dog comes a different senerio, a different set of issues.

I have rehabed many "dogs", I have trained litters of pups to prepare them for their forever homes. However, I rarely offer advice, I will make the odd suggestion but really the only advice I am truly comfortable with giving to someone having serious issues with their dog, is seek out a reputable behaviorist, again research, ask for the homework.
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