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great post blackdog!!!!!! I agree! Some people don't want to be a trainer, but yet have a wealth of knowladge that could probably put most people that call themselves trainers to shame! I know I have trained all of the dogs I have had, and I have had many show and obidience dogs, and been around dogs and everything dog for a long time. But then someone who trained a dog or two, and got a pretty paper will call themselves a trainer.. Some times people always have to post when giving advice that they are a trainer, and someone might think their advice is better, when in truth the opposite could be true..

Crazy thing is that because all people are different, with different energy, and goals, and all dogs are different that it will be hard to use anyones advice for some issues. Especially online here where someone can say they are a trainer, or a great trainer, but we really cannot see anything that proves it. I guess the best advice is to take everyones advice for what it is, and not what title they put on themselves.

I know the best advice I get is from on here, and I don't think any of the advice I have ever used has come from a trainer. There are so many people on here that have such a wealth of knowladge that is does not matter. I know a few people that are not trainers but know more than any trainer I have ever seen!
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