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I'm really sad to see that through our conversation luvmylabs, I cannot seem to find common ground with you. You seem to think that I 'jumped on the harness thing', like I was just sitting and waiting for you personally to say something that I did not agree with, and let me assure you again - that was never the case. I don't appreciate the sarcasm about me choosing quotes from the article you provided - I DID read the entire thing and was glad that you were able to show me that article. I love educating myself and find that the internet is a great tool to do so. Believe it or not, the quote I brought out from the article you provided me was something I really found important and thought that it was exactly the point we both had in common: the fact that all dogs are different, and we as owners need to adjust to that.

and yes you did tell me that harnesses were wrong
No, I did not. Please do not say something so blatantly untrue, and go back and re-read my comments. As I've said time and time again in my comments regarding this, I was referring to the traditional harness. I have nothing against other safe types of harnesses that actually DO prevent pulling. My issue is with the flat harness, and I actually did not say it was 'wrong', but rather that this harness encourages pulling.

If someone objects to using a collar for any reason that should be fine
I did not object to this fact as I have stated time and time again. It IS fine, and I did not say it was not. I feel like I'm running in circles, and as this is getting severely off topic I will not be replying to any more of your comments made directly at me in this particular thread. Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for the link.
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