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From what I have found, the best trainers I have met are the ones who never claimed to be trainers. These people may not have a fancy page of credentials, or any at all.....but I garauntee you they have forgotton more about dogs then you or I will ever learn.
It's not about who you know or where you got your degree, it's about what you know.
I personally have met more "qualified trainers" who know literally only what they have been taught in class. This to me is not a person of experience, and in the dog world I think experience is one of the most important things to have under your belt. Anyone can be a dog trainer nowadays, it isn't hard. If you have the cash, you can be a dog trainer. I really don't think it's a matter of "credentials", it's only a matter of experience. That being said, this is the internet...anyone can say they have done 'this or that'. It does not make it true. That's the main problem with the internet. I think anyone USING the internet should have enough common sense to realize this and take advice with caution. Unfortunately, many people do not. They read it and believe it's true. I think the only way we can really combat this is to offer a variety of different methods and to discuss this fully. Perhaps we can all make a concentrated effort to be more thorough in our posts, to help newbies understand not only the method but the dynamics behind the method and why it will work or will not.
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