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actually Bailey if you would like to search we had a discussion on it not too long ago..

One breed for sure is the Shih tzu, some can be fine with a collar, especially if they are they one applying the force. But if they are ever to be pulled by someone it can actually do damage. The same goes for other very small, brachiosephalic dogs.

I did not ever say that she would not see imporvement, i said do not get discouraged. And I said do not measure progress by the day, I think we are saying the same thing, but thanks all the same.

I don't really care what your opinions are. If you disagree GREAT, I for one would not put a collar and leash on a 7 week old puppy to actually go for a walk where pulling would be involved. you might. For training, and getting them acustomed, yes that I agree to do.

I cannot say I have ever had my opinion ripped apart on this site before. You are free to express your opinions but I don't see the need in picking someone elses opnion apart. You will never convince me that harnesses are not good EVER, so you can stop now. I do not come here to argue with anyone, nor have I ever seen this before so I am done. Pick my opinion apart I don't care but I am not going to defend my opinion anymore. thanks.
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