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Lightbulb Gatorade

This is from a report I have called Vet's Best Home Remedies published in 2001 from the editors of PETS, PART OF THE FAMILY. I have never used this (no need) but here is what it says: Since diarrhea can rapidly deplete essential fluids from the body, be sure to keep your pet's water dish full when she's suffering from this condition. It's also a good idea to fill a separate bowl with Gatorade, suggests Ralph Womer, DVM, a veterinarian in private practice in Auburn, AL. Such sport drinks will help replenish minerals her body needs, such as potassium and sodium. (Fruit punch seems to be pet's favorite flavor.) 'Me talking here'---Does this stuff have a lot of sugar in it? If so, I wouldn't want to make a habit of this. (diabetes and such---but suppose it would be okay for this purpose if doesn't happen too often)
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