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Hi I have been reading this thread with much sadness for you guys, I found this forum through searching the net for nose bleeds in dogs. I have just joined today, I am worried about one of my rescue bull terriers, Dukie he has just turned 2 years old and a few days ago he started bleeding from one of his nostrils, not a full on bleed more like a bloody oozing, he is not bothered by it, he seems very well in himself and is still wanting to do his very favourite pastime of chasing his ball, we have seen our vet and she has prescribed a short course of antibiotics in case of infection, we have another appointment to see her next Friday, we trust her, she is a very good vet and will do all the tests she can to help Dukie, one of the things we like about her is that she will refer us to a specialist if she can not find anything herself so he is in the right hands and we also have him insured so the fees are not a worry thank goodness, she was very honest with us and told us that it is very difficult to diagnose bleeds from a dogs nose but we have every confidence she will do her very best to find out what is wrong, she knows Dukie is nervous when he goes to the vets so she got down on the floor with him and gave him a massage to relax him.
My husband Buzz and I are really worried for Dukie after reading about all the beloved dogs in this thread my heart goes out to all of you.
My question is do young dogs get nasal cancer? I realise that there can be other causes of nose bleeds and I am hoping with all my heart that Dukie's nose bleed is something simple that can be sucessfully treated, he had a tough life before he came to us when he was one year old and we would like to see him live a long and happy life to kind of make up for the very bad first year of his life.
I was also wondering if cancer in the nose always caused big bleeds or can it be just a sort of bloody discharge?

This is Dukie.
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