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Originally Posted by mastifflover
You might want to try putting flax seed oil in her food or fish oil not cod liver oil just fish oil. Buy the supplements at walmart or costco way cheaper. Try it before you go for the food switch, this might help. I also live with a dog who creates wall to wall carpeting on a daily basis, the supplements have helped a lot and I also use a stripper blade (not the g string kind) this gets rid of all the execess undercoat as well.This is what they look like.

In regards to Flaxseed oil, myself and other Golden owners have found that this oil GIVES our dogs the itchies. Don't ask my why, but it does. I would stay clear of Flaxseed oil! I use to advocate the stuff, but not anymore since one of my girls started itching bad. I figured it out, thank heavens and all is good again. I do use fish oil though.

Heather and her 3 Golden Girls
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