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Time to say goodbye to the kittens...

Hi all,

Well it's time to say goodbye to my babies, I knew getting into this that I would be the one crying,I'm really upset, maybe it's the weather, or hormones, or turning 50 in a month, or just plain tired with all the work here at the farm and Balou's diabetes + the 14 cats in the house, I think I might end up single I can't stop worrying about these kitties, one woman is coming tomorrow morning to adopt, I have all these questions, DH thinks I'll scare her away, I might actually. Why do I feel like it's too soon, what about the moms, wont they react? I feel absolutely terrible taking them away...Next week, they're all leaving:sad: I just dont know how I'm gonna cope with saying goodbye to those little faces...geez..I wish I was stronger and not so sensitive...

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