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I don't have dogs, I have cats.

Of the 5, two (Maks & Kiska) are pretty cooperative. They protest, but only by meowing and trying to get into their carrier, however the vet has no trouble examining them.

Czarina is usually too scared to protest so she is actually THE most cooperative, and doesn't let out a peep during her examination.

Oksana, complains the entire time through the examination. Meorwling and moving.

Vlad is a whole different case. I have to give him half a Xanax before taking him in because he gets downright scary. He is so terrified, he will move to the back of the carrier, hiss, growl, and scream bloody murder. It was during one of those fits, where they had to use "the gloves" to handle him, that the vet told me we needed to give him something before the exams, because she could not so much as even touch him. It's so bad, when I arrive with him and the vet techs see it's him, I can hear them in the back "Hey guys, heads up, Vlad's here." It's odd though because he's the only one of my gang who when he sees the carrier he happily walks in because he knows we are going somewhere.
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