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Thank you all for your advice. You have made some great and valid points.
Yes we have done the short rides, yes we have taken him to Timmies LOL, however we drive a mini van and the windows in the back don't open enough!
My friends kidnapped him from us last sunday, and they drive a huge pickup and Major jumped right in, they put down both windows in the back and he ran back and forth across the seat from window to window in his glory. But when they pulled into our driveway and Major saw we were no longer behind him (knowing he was home) they were affraid he was going to jump out the window
He seems to be fine in the car as long as
1. No ones gets out of the vehical i.e: to run into a variety store
2. You don't pull into a community of houses!
We live in a small town, and everywhere we go Major is right there with us, all our friends want him, so he is welcome everywhere we go, but they live in subdivision type areas and Major gets all anxious.

Well I will and and try taking him to the park to play ball and see if that'll help him. :sad: I don't like to see him anxious. However it's going to be a game of fetch because he just wants to eat the balls; we are on our 6th ball We even let him try street-hockey balls (the hard orange ones) and he chewed that to bits too! So we will see. Thanks everyone!
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