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Welcome Majorsmom! god he is a beauty!

This may sound strange but we had a 2 door explorer when we got winston. He never would settle in the truck. We would drive all over and try things and it was horrible. We used to think we wouldnt be able to stand the 6 hours drive say to montreal with him. I actually got a tranquilizer of some sort from the vet for our first vacation trip skiing in Montreal. Well I never used it. I was too afraid. He wasnt very good for the first hour or so but eventually he settled down a bit.

This is the strange part! We traded that vehicle in not long after we got him and went to a 4 dr explorer. Funniset thing happened was that as long as he had a window spot and you could open it a crack he would be fine?? Close the windows and he is back to being anxious??

He is 9 now and is really wonderful in the car except that darm window has to be open or he is uptight. I think he doesnt like to be confined ??

Although I really think Major will be awesome in the car once he knows that he is not going anywhere and maybe once he associates some good things with a car ride? like maybe take him to the park and do fun things like fetch the ball. He may associate the good time with the car and settle. He may seem at home but it is still all new to him.

Hope this helps..
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