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Im keeping a very close eye on him with the hiccups. I've read many sites on it and the general answer is that it's normal for puppies and common among small breeds because of wide, narrow pallets. He IS very young but the guy who was keeping him and his three other siblings didn't even have a cage or basket for them. He was letting them run around the house, with a blanket to share as a bed. He's the runt and I was fearful of him being rough housed or not getting enough food as he's smaller than the others. He's been away from his mother for just over a week now and there's nothing I can do about that unfortunately. I don't want him back in that house or around the other dogs with his cough and his mothers not there anyways. I figured the best situation he could be in is in a caring loving SAFE environment. Once he's had his second shots I'm going to take him to puppy school/day care.
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