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Unhappy Any Help? Puppy Problems

Im a very nervous new dog owner. I've had my shi-poo for three days now. I took him to the vet on the second day and he was diagnosed with kennel cough which i received antibiotics for. He had his first set of vaccinations two weeks earlier than he should have. He's 7 weeks. Born February 16th. He had his shots April 1st!!! I need professional advice. Lately (three times now) he's hiccuping. But im not sure if thats exactly what it is. his sides jolt and it sounds like hes gulping. I just want to make sure if this is normal, or a sign that he may have distemper/ bacterial infection. Im so worried i haven't even had him a week and im stressing! can anyone help me out? Im tempted to take him to the vets again but its quite expensive so if it can be avoided i'd like that.
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