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Thanks to all of you for your kind words and condolences. I have never had a pet like Junior, and never realized how wonderful a truly "good dog" could hurt to let go of. My question is: Have any of you ever gone to attend the cremation? I have set a time with the crematorium to attend. Their brochure said that owners could attend and when I talked to them they stated that some people do this. I feel as though I need to be with Junior for one last time. I can't forget the way he cried when he couldn't find me in the house because he was so hard of hearing he couldn't tell where I was calling from, even yesterday when he could no longer see at all out of his left eye he wanted me to be touching him so he knew I was there. We plan to spread his ashes in his yard where he dug, rolled, romped and sniffed most of his life. And, could someone please tell when I will stop crying! To worry and fret and be so needed by such a loveable guy, well it is just painful! Boy, I think I need therapy!
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