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sooner than I thought

We said good-bye to Junior at about 6pm tonight. His eye was bulging worse as the day went on. When my son and husband came home around 5 we all realized that Junior was ready. Junior was having trouble breathing off and on today and couldn't find a comfortable position to rest his head. I kept telling him to stop wagging his tail so I would be able to make the decision easier. He wasn't interested in eating even the things he loved the most today. I thought he might like to be out in the sun but he was restless being outside. He was loosing all of his senses and seemed anxious, but that also could have been pain, I'm not sure. We don't know what to do with ourselves now, Junior was always a worry these last few years, but never a burden. He gave us all so much love that we could never repay in a million years! I don't know when I will stop hurting but Junior is worth all the pain.
To all of those who are still dealing with this, hang in there and don't miss a minute to return all the love you receive. Maybe in time I will be able to return all the support you all have given to me............thanks.
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