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Originally Posted by Diamondsmum View Post
Ohhh Hazel..

is there a chance or maybe I missed it a Model number of your PC? Then I can troubleshoot much easier.

I have had Vista since its pre-beta days I am pretty confident I can get you sorted.

dont cry/throw pc/ just yet.
Hubby, bless is heart, is busy at work looking for missing my template and font files for Publisher (helpful for the printed versions I do), some of the files I lost because my most recent backup CD failed at this most inconvenient of times and I had to go back to the end of January, and even some programs.... So I'm feeling a little more positive.

The model number is HP a6700y, but I'm slowly getting a handle on what is and isn't possible with this. It's powerful, but incompatible with a lot of software I have--like that photo editor That one I'm gonna miss... Rumor has it that it's just 64-bit incompatible. But I had some older programs that I could install just fine that will work--only I'll have to use 2-3 different editors to do what I used to do in the Image Zone editor alone. Still, this is doable.

I'm laughing more today. That's a good thing! This has been a four-day funk for ol' hazel

Main problem right now: I still can't get my contacts or old emails imported into Windows Mail.

I finally got it to recogize the .wab contact file, but when I try to import it tells me there's been an error and the import failed. It would be more useful if it actually indicated what the error was, cuz it's pretty obvious that one occurred...even hazel could see that! But it's not specific.

As for the email files, when I direct Windows Mail to where the files are stored, it tells me no files match the search and no import results...

Very frustrating...

Originally Posted by cell View Post
Laptop or desktop? Desktops you might as well put together yourself, laptops not so easy, I have a dell Inspiron laptop going on 4 years and never had a lick of trouble with it (except issues I caused myself). It is XP, I am definitely not going to be getting any new computers until Vista is dead and buried.
My BF's new dell came with XP and as I said he burned on XP, to hazelrunpack do you know anyone could send you a copy with key codes to install? Vista sounds like a nightmare...
Desktop...and I have a copy of XP with a license...but I just talked to a techie guy I know and he counseled against doing it. Like Diamondsmum said, some things will just not translate easily from the 32-bit, single processor configuration of the old machine to the 64-bit, quad processor configuration of the new. So I guess I'll just have to work with Vista.

I don't recommend it, though The main thing I have against it right now is just that I hate it!

My plan was to wait for the new Windows OS, motherboard had other ideas. pftuiiiiiiiii...and if I put it together myself, I'd still be at it. hazel is not handy that way!
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