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UPDATE -- So, the vet called this morning and I let her know my fears. She too didn't think there was cause to worry about aspiration pneumonia. She indicated that General would be experiencing very noticable breathing difficulties if that were the case. Phew!

She asked how things were looking in the litterbox, and I let her know there had been no further signs of diarrhea, blood, or mucus, and that the stools were all healthy sized with good consistency.

She was ok with me having skipped yesterday's dose of medicine, but said she'd like for General to have a couple more doses yet. She mentioned, more in passing really, the possibility of colitis. She dropped the dosage down from 1.5cc to 1cc to make administering the meds a little easier for both me and General, and wants me to check back with her on Thursday.

So, I got up the nerve to give General the meds today. (I felt so bad, thinking he would never going to forgive me for trying this again!) But it went well. I tucked the syringe in through the side of his mouth and gave little bits so he had time to swallow. He wasn't happy about it, but he got treats when we were done and was actually purring and letting me pet and cuddle with him within minutes. WOW! I really felt so much better, at least about giving him the medication.

He's napping in bed now and, though he's still not 100% his usual self, I feel my stress level has come down a little bit. It's always interesting to me to recognize how the responsibility of caring for our little loved ones can weigh so heavily upon the heart. Thanks again for listening, and for being the sort to understand the weight of that responsibilty.
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