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Unhappy Update

I just found the link from when I posted on this forum back in December.

Unfortunately, Peanut did not get better in the long run.

Her first incident that happened in the beginning of December. After three and a half weeks of giving her medicine and keeping her under careful watch, she seemed to get better. Then the day after Christmas it happened again, this time to both of her back legs. One minute she was up on the desk eating her food, then used the litter box. I try to clean it right away, so I got out the scooper and vacumn. She made it out of the litter box but would not move away from it. I nudged her to move her along, but then noticed she was dragging both her back legs. Her tail would not move either.

I called our regular vet, and the doctor could not speak to me yet. I called other vets to see if they knew what it could be after hearing of her previous incident. Then I called the vet's office where the neurologist was, and they gave me an appointment right away. They examined her, and it turned out it was a blot clot, or saddle thrombus. Peanut isn't a tolerable cat, she kept to herself and was friendly to our family members (my husband, myself, and our two dogs) - ONLY. No one else. She normally would growl and hiss if anyone tried to come near her. The vet said we could do a ton of tests, that would not promise anything. Then there would be her rehab - extracting her bladder (helping her go to the bathroom) and other things that Peanut would not tolerate. The vet said that it may not help her either. She told us that we would need to put her to sleep.

That was the hardest decision I have ever made. She wasn't an elderly cat, she was only 3 1/2!! How could something like that happen to such a young cat? It seemed like our only choice. After reading this forum months later, I wish we could have tried something with her diet, I don't know if it would have helped though.

Afterwards, I googled Saddle Thrombus in cats and it made me understand the situation better. I hope this never happens to your cats, it was horrible.
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