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getting worse

Thanks to all of you who are sending hugs on this thread. I am so lucky to have this support. Junior's tumor is pushing on his left eye, it is draining and I can only see the white of his eye. He ate his breakfast this morning but after, had a period of difficulty breathing that lasted about 1/2 hour. I was afraid it would get worse but it finally got better. I realized that we haven't heard him bark for about 2 weeks now, he was always very vocal. My son who is Junior's original owner, has been staying with us to help take care of Junior, but last night he had to go home. So I blew up an air mattress and shared it with Junior, and he decided I needed to share my pillow too! It was so comforting to have him right next to me. I know that we will be making our final decision soon. I'll be in touch.
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