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You bought a 64 bit machine? That's some power! And that's why your Soduku disc won't play... because it's not geared for 64 bit. Perhaps something on the web will work but programs that run off discs (hard drive or CD/DVD) need to be programmed to deal with 64 bit.

In my opinion stay away from Internet Explorer. I always had so much trouble with that until I switched permanently to Firefox.

You can put your pictures anywhere you want on your machine. Go into whatever resembles a file explorer on Vista, like My Computer or whatever. Then click around until you get to the general area where you want the photo folder to go. From there, make a new folder. There should be little things on the left or right side of the screen in My Computer that will say "make new folder."

Then when you access your camera's stored pictures, you can highlight them all in the My Computer area, and tell the computer to "move" all files from the camera memory to the designated folder you specially made.

Any time you need to download new drivers and doo-dads like Flash, you're going to have to look for 64 bit versions. Including your digital camera software. Go to the manufacturer's website and look for 64 bit versions.

Put a stickie note on your screen saying don't forget about the 64 bit, 'cause anything that's still the "old" 32 bit may not work at all.

64 bit compared to 32 bit is like comparing a 20 lane highway to a 2 lane highway. Well this is a bit of an extreme analogy but you get the general idea. There are more "lanes" of electron traffic in a 64 bit machine. So to compare 32 bit software on a 64 bit machine, is like to compare a hillbilly from Deliverance walking in downtown New York city and having to navigate the subways and roads simultaneously. The hillbilly can eventually figure out how to get around New York but needs special instructions and a good map. Or in this case, a software programmer to change the code to tell the program how to behave in a 64 bit environment. Otherwise the software just freaks out and can't do much so it freezes and won't work.

And don't ever pay for Geeksquad. They overcharge in my opinion. Charge hundreds of bucks for something simple that only takes a couple of hours. They overcharge because they know people out there don't know much about computers and they get away with it. Corporate highway robbery! If I lived closer to you I'd do it for a homemade dinner, some laughs and play time with your doggies.

Publisher won't work with Firefox because Microshaft products don't work with Firefox as a whole. There might be a free open source website thingie available.

Any time you want a new software tool, look for free, open-sourced software. 99% of the time there is a free, stable and often better equivalent.

Just something I Google'd there that has listings of open-source software.

The world is moving to more collaborative effort and moving away from high-price corporatism. Support them any chance you get. Open-source is a better idea because regular geeks who know programming and think of new ways that software can be better, can just program their own bit and then give it away free to everyone else. Then everyone benefits! Programmers can team up together and improve software. And every time a new person joins in the fun, the software becomes better and better. No more making complaints and hoping a giant corporation will make the changes, which often times don't work anyway because they released it too soon. A huge example of that is.... Vista! They released that too soon and it's got more holes than swiss cheese in it security-wise and lack of ease to the normal user.

64 bit is still pretty new and not many people have it. As a result not much software is coded to be able to work on 64 bit. But it's coming around, and much quicker for Linux (open source FREE operating system) than it is for Microshaft products.

Read and try that out, see if it works for your Flash.

I still gotta do attachment pics so you can see my furkids. But it's 5 am and I only got up to let the dogs out to potty and check on the basement. We're in spring melting time now and there's a spring under the floor in the basement and every time it rains hard or melts snow, it begins to flood down there so we have to keep an eye out to make sure the pump works and things don't start swimming down there.

For the rest of you folks reading this, you will be much happier if you switch to Linux and not buy into the whole Vista thing. Dell even sells new computers installed with Linux nowadays. I still use XP but only because I build my own computers and this computer is good enough for now. But the next time I need to upgrade, I'm going Linux. Linux is better prepared for 64 bit machines and more and more programs are coming out Linux based much faster than they do for Microshaft-based software.
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