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well it didnt eat me and i have a response.... pardon the orneryness of it all. an answer is an answer after all!!! his responses are in red.


Disclaimer: I don't have Vista. Everything I know about Vista I have discerned helping my poor brother untangle the mess he made on his - and maybe I learned a little at work too... I don't have an Apple either, but I honestly believe you probably should have bought one.

Moving along - Responses inline

My second Dell computer in four years bit the dust last week and I cleaned out my digital camera savings fund to buy a new computer. It has Vista on it. I'm distraught at what I've lost and need some suggestions about where to go from here. (Please keep in mind that going to hell is not an option...I appear to have already landed there that suggestion isn't necessary Also, remember I'm broke now so I can't afford a lot of software. )

1. Windows mail is supposed to easily import Outlook Express files. Although I backed my email up religiously when I backed up my last computer, I can't get the contacts and the old email files to import--they just plain aren't recognized. No error messages--just no files imported. Anyone know if there's anything I can do about that?
Aren't easily recognized? Pish... If only MS would settle on a format. If only Outlook and Outlook Express didn't both use the work Outlook in their title - the only thing they have in common. I assume you are using Windows Mail and not Outlook on the new computer. Need to know what files/folders you are attempting to import specifically and how you are doing it - Outlook Express keeps them in two or more different places - the address book is a different file entirely - look for *.wab and import separately. It has never EVER been intuitive but I have never failed to import e-mail and addresses from Windows 95 right on up to Vista. Its just in an attempt to make it easy, they manage to make it easy in a very tiny subset of situations - and nearly impossible in all others.

2. My Ipswitch WS-FTP program is not compatible with Vista. Does Vista have a file transfer protocol of some sort built in that would enable me to upload files to and maintain my website? If it has one, I haven't found it, yet...
WS-FTP is so 1999 Download Filezilla Client - Open Source Freeware

3. Any idea why I can't download certain online games anymore, like Sudoku or the Daily Crossword? Haven't been able to download them even though I downloaded the newest versions of both Flash and Java I can't tell if the problem is with the site or with my new software.
Need specific URLs and what browser are you using - I recommend using Firefox and Internet Explorer before calling something a problem. Also, any specific error information would be helpful - Personally, I stay away from these downloadable game things - they pollute your computer with crap, but whatever... I'm paranoid. I anticipate that past computer problems were very likely related to these online games and toys. Vista in and of itself should not be keeping you from downloading whatever you like, but the increased security and firewall function may potentially be inhibiting the games' operation (and thus lengthing the usable life of your computer for other things...)

4. I won't even go into how I feel about Vista's photo editors, but if anyone has any suggestions as to how to change where images are imported to (My Pictures in a file stupidly named... ) I'd appreciate it! Seems like Vista tries to do everything for you but I'd rather set it up to do it my way... Yeah, I'm a fussy old bat.
Download Picasa ( and disable all the auto import stuff in Vista. If you need help figuring out how to get Vista to Automatically import photos, let me know - I'll make finding out a personal goal.

Any suggestions for ease of transition or even for good reading material on Vista would be appreciated. I'd like to be fully functional again by 2010 but I'm not holding out much hope.
Most of what I read to solve these problems is found online, simply using google - sorting through the useless "information" and getting to the useful nuggets is tedious and perhaps a bit of an art form, but it is certainly do-able. I expect that your biggest stumbling block is that Microsoft built Vista under the guise that everyone does not like Windows - so they changed everything. Everything you learned about Windows before - forget it and start over. What you remember from your previous life is likely holding you back (thus my assertion that now is a fine time to get an Apple - pretty much the same learning curve)

Good luck!
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