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Yes, as a matter of fact, I just did

Very helpful, although I'm too tired to try all the suggestions tonight! Thank your son-in-law for me

T&C, I'm still waiting for that link to load. Sigh...

badger, I'm stuck with IE until I give up on Publisher. I still snail mail out a few newsletters...and then put it out on the web, so I need something that will handle both phases. Unfortunately, Publisher web files are not browsable by Firefox. :sad:

However, this whole issue might end up moot if I can't get my software to work.

Winston, the software is on a disk I have, but it tries to do something that works with XP, not Vista--tells me it needs to run something by 'run as...' and that an administrator has to do it. But my account is the administrator account and I can't figure out how to get around it. I can find out when I call HP tomorrow...

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. Just venting was actually quite helpful At least I'm not threatening the machine with a sledge hammer any more and I've smiled at least twice since dinner

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