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Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
How bout some pancakes on the griddle
LOL ....I've seen people fall asleep on the couch right after eating but I see that Gryphon didn't even make it that far.

Originally Posted by mollywog View Post
Molly and I just baked a batch of dog cookies today!! Apple/ Peanut Butter/ Pumpkin flavour.... Molly definitely approves and was practicing great restraint for this picture!!
Good girl Molly ......there's no way my two boys would sit still being tempted like that.

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Chico, you know that picture was begging for a caption.
.....well done.

Originally Posted by CearaQC View Post
I'm dying to know...

Why exactly is hubby having lunch served on a plastic bag?
OMG he that messy?
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