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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Is this food?

How about this? I'm sure the kitties were "thinking" food.

So this is Mylee all happy after eating food....
Cute pics 14+ .....especially love the one of Mylee.

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
This is an old one. When I first got Maks, his tummy would get upset with wet, so I had to give him dry for a while. He's saying, "Mooom, let me eat in peace."
LOL .....sure looks like he's giving you a piece of his mind in that pic.

Originally Posted by SIL View Post
Here's my oldest son making sure that Billie ate all her food. Don't worry...she didn't share
Who ....your son or Billie?

Originally Posted by glasslass View Post
This is an oldie but goodie too, but just can't resist considering the theme.

I give you . . . . Den-Den's "Trophy Bone"
LOL ...that bone is almost as big as Den-Den.
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