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Stangers who tried their best-Thank you.

Heros come in all different ways. Their actions, equally so. For anyone who knows Montreal well then they will appreciate the level that a very few would try to intervene to save a life.

Yesterday, while on the Decarie autoroute a poor young orange tabby found himself in grave danger. This little fellow was hit and no one would stop to at the very least remove him from a situation which instilled only more fear. A young couple stopped their vehicle to assist during traffic hours which going south is very dangerous. The young woman picked up the cat as he struggled. She was bitten very badly but was determined to do whatever necessary.

The couple rushed to the shelter located just off of the autoroute. As I was ready to leave, I noticed the young man distraught, holding a young cat close to his chest. The young woman, not worried about her own pain was terribly concerned for the little one. Sadly the cat died in the young mans arms as we scurried to help. It was too late.

This couple put their own safety at risk. They did what ever possible to try and make a difference. They did. They actually made a difference to this young cat who had 2 guardian angels who helped him over the bridge. Quietly, in safety and in the loving arms of people who cared.

To the couple - thank you for everything that you did - it was not in vain. Bless you and many like you for not looking the other way. You have instilled my faith and for those that witnessed your heroism - though you did not ask for it.

little kitten. Your angles risked their safety to give you knowledge that you were appreciated and loved. Bless your heart little one and safe journey.
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