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Well, I went to 'Port' and had a great chat with Kristi last week ...getting a bit more info for my cat over-pop. newspaper article in progress. (Incidentally, just found out today that the paper has literally 'downsized', and articles are now to be a max of about 400 words, as opposed to 800ish. Egad, that's just a long sentence, for someone like me! I am definitely going to have to try to find a pet magazine or newsletter who will run a decent sized story!)

Also, apparently my newspaper work has not entirely improved my 'accuracy'; I got Port Colborne Feral Cat's internet eddress wrong . OOPS. Here is the correct info: Kristi's ...I think that's it! Anywho, still an inspiration/role model for TNR and feral and homeless cat work !!
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