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Originally Posted by ZiggysWife View Post
My four month old Lab was physically abused by him. And what he did to my Shih Tzu still sends shivers down my spine. .
Ziggyswife, I'm curious - did you have both of your dogs at this seminar?

Edit** Nevermind. Just recieved the 'other side' to your story. I'm surprised you're even posting about this situation ZiggysWife, especially with aggressive dogs on your hands that you have clearly enabled.
I am always more than happy to keep an open mind on people's situations, but when you accuse an entire forum of sending you death threats? Please. Those people could care LESS whether or not you like or hate Brad.
This situation really frustrates me now that I understand the FULL picture behind your story. Maybe next time, before sending such serious accusations about a trainer (regardless of who they are) take a step back and look at YOUR involvement in how your dogs are the way they are.
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