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I agree CyberKitten - despite the very slim chance of a vaccine reaction, some people still refuse to ever vaccinate their animals. The likelihood that an unvaccinated animal will develop an illness is far greater than the likelihood that he will react to a vaccine. And, most vaccine reactions are mild. Rabies is always fatal.

krdahmer, it sounds like your cat had a very mild reaction to the vaccine. As far as I know, there is no increased likelihood of reaction when the vaccine is given in the neck. In fact, it is less painful for the cat than a vaccine given intramuscularly in the thigh. Also, your veterinarian will know which vaccine the cat reacted to, if several are given at once, as they are given at different locations on the body. If your cat reacts only to one vaccine, he can probably still have the rest, and the veterinarian may recommend a different type of vaccine for the one he reacted to. Don't give up your plan to foster strays! Most animal shelters and groups are desperate for good people like you!
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