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Originally Posted by ZiggysWife View Post
You know Bailey, I wrote this really long reply full of everything I thought but I got an error message and it didn't get posted. Probably a good thing considering I wrote everything I feel at the moment. But I did want to point out that Brad has stated, out of his own mouth, how much he hates rescues and the special treatment they get. I have also met several people whose rescues were abused by him. You're not going to change my opinion and I'm not changing yours and it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I wouldn't let you near my dogs. No offence but nobody that follows Brad's methods is ever getting near them. You probably don't care about what he did to my dogs, since you consider nearly choking a dog to death as "stepping on toes" so you feel free to think what you want and so will I. And I'll continue to tell everyone I possibly can about what Brad did to my dogs, and what I know he did to others, just so other people won't have to go through what we did. Knowledge is power and if I'd have been fully aware of what a psychotic maniac he was, I wouldn't have subjected my dogs to his abuse and terror.

ZiggysWIFE not Ziggys Mom
ZiggysWIFE (not Ziggys Mom) - I honestly feel that you have read my comments in a wrong light. I absolutley feel for what happened to you and your dogs, and I would NEVER expect anyone who has experienced something they felt was bad training or bad methods, to continue seeing that trainer. Nor would I do so myself with my own dogs.

Now, specifically speaking about Brad as this is who you have brought up - what I meant when I said 'stepping on toes' is exactly that. Dog training aside, Pattison is the kind of person that doesn't care who's feelings he hurts or what boundaries he pushes. He's an extrovert, period. Many personalities clash with him, and I've seen him in many heated arguements, including with me. I'm not saying I agree with this side of him, and to be honest I think he could've kept a lot more clientelle if he had been more understanding and respectful of owners. BUT, he's not careful all of the time; and he's created quite the following because of it. I'm truly sorry that you and your dog had to go through that. :sad:

As far as Brad saying what he did about rescues, I have no doubt that's true. He's also said that more people NEED to rescue dogs, because there are too many thousand dollar dogs out there who are taking their place. He sees a pro and con side to owning either, and as a trainer I think that's perfectly normal. I do as well, for my own reasons; as I'm sure everyone else here on this forum does.

In fairness, I'm not a Brad advocate in any way. I'm not even affiliated with him, for my own personal choices and reasons. I run my own business and do so successfully. I've taken a little bit of training methods from all the different people I have met, over the years that I have been doing this, and I love what I have accomplished. I work hard to ensure that everyone can have a happy and fufilling life with their pet.
So, just for the record, I think it's unfair for you to point your finger at ME and tell me that I am just like someone you feel abuses animals.

Don't be so quick to label and judge. I'm sorry for your bad experience.
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