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Shrek has taken a turn for the worse. :sad: Took him to the vet, and he said he hadn't given up on him yet, but although he hoped he'd be proved wrong he thinks we're now talking a quick descent (days). He had noticed a change in the lump and his breathing (I noticed a change in his 'sparkle' over one afternoon and got him to the vet the next day. It was just the evening before yesterday that he started to look more lethargic). I know what I have to look for to make 'the decision'. But he has still had tail wagging moments and wanted to eat...he's even a little more lethargic today though. Shrek got to see his Dad today, he gave him a great greeting. We are hoping that for the next few days we will get to take him for walks , and are going to get some soup bones in the morning...we will try to really enjoy what time we have.

Will give you an update soon.
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