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Thumbs down Cannot STAND Brad Pattison

I'm coming into this conversation very late. I found this thread while looking for dog treat recipes. Yes, I give my dogs treats which BP is totally against. I completely loathe and despise BP. I don't believe for one moment that he even remotely likes animals. He is in it for the money, I've told that to his face. He's an actor and he is acting like a dog "trainer". I went to a seminar with BP and what he did to my dogs is nothing short of abuse. My four month old Lab was physically abused by him. How does a frightened dog act when it's cornered and being threatened? Brad is a great showman, he gets the responses he wants by skewing things. Corner a frightened dog and then force it to submit? My dog went ballistic! She was terrified and tried everything to get away from the grip he had on her collar. He held her in the air as she struggled, she scratched at him, her eyes were bulging, her tongue was turning purple and when I tried to say something he yelled at me to let him do his job. I was horrified and still am by what he did. He did tell me though that this FOUR MONTH OLD PUPPY was too savage and would have to be put down by the time she was 11 months old. I'm not going to go into all the details but he is a disgusting piece of work. And what he did to my Shih Tzu still sends shivers down my spine. And when I posted messages on his webpage, his deranged fans sent me death threats and threatened to kill my dogs as well because I dared speak out against him. I can't even believe what we went through because of that.

No one should ever watch his show or follow his methods if they even remotely like animals. BP has a special hate-on for rescue dogs, which both of mine are. Try asking him for his credentials, you'll never get them because he doesn't have any. He is a self-declared expert. It means nothing. Whenever I meet a dog trainer now, the first thing I ask is if they believe in BP's methods. So far, every single trainer I've met hates him for his methods. Which is good, because I would NEVER allow anyone who bought into BP's methods near my dogs ever again. He shouldn't be on television, he shouldn't be allowed to "train" and he should pony up his so-called credentials and name these celebrities he's claimed to have helped. He needs to be shut down.

Oh, and my savage lab that was doomed to die? Is now 17 months old, happy, we go to the off-leash every day (and YES, she is off-leash) and we have no plans to kill her on the say-so of that "trainer".