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Originally Posted by claw View Post
What about the newspaper litter, Yesterday's News? Is that stuff any good?
I like it (the softer textured one - without any added scent). I mix about half Yesterday's News with half pine pellets. Never had a problem with odours, and I keep the litter boxes on the main floor, but I only have one cat. I'm a fanatic scooper, every time I see something in there I scoop it and put it in a biodegradable bag which then goes in the garbage. You could also put it in a composter as long as you don't use the compost for a vegetable garden. I completely change out the litter about once a month.

Not all cats go for the pellet texture. My guy prefers it, I think because with the clumping litters, he used to get pee on his feet when he was urinating tons from unregulated diabetes. It's a good idea to either very slowing mix new litter with old when transitioning, or else offer a buffet of litters in a few different boxes and see if your cat consistently picks one over the others.

Good luck!
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