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I used Yesterday's News for a while. I didn't mind it. Kitties didn't really like the feel of it under their feet for a while because it is little pellets. Not like the clay litters. I mixed it half and half for a while. They did use it. Hubby hated it. He said it didn't do anything to mask the smells. The man has a nose that seems to sniff things that aren't there.
The clay litters are the cheapest but don't last long. The pine litters I didn't mind. I didn't have the problem that TacoGrl had though. Kitties rolling in it!! But the Swheat Scoop will probably be the one I stick with. It is the most expensive ($35.00 a large bag) but the boxes only have to be completely changed once a month and just topped off when it gets down with cleaning during that month so it is very cost effective.
Maybe you could get a few different smaller bags and see which one works the best for you and Karlton.
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