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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Try the hardware store. You may have better luck with the pine ones there. Maybe if they don't have it they would be willing to order it in?
The hardware store actually had a pet survey going on for a little while. I guess whenever someone purchased pet supplies they would ask them to fill out the survey form. One of the questions on the form was "what would you like us to carry?" I wrote down "environmentally friendly kitty litter" but they will probably still only have clay because a lot of clay litters are marketed as environmentally friendly and it's also the most common type people use.

The nearest city from where i live is 30 minutes away and my mom and i usually make regular trips down there to stock up on pet food (we buy wellness) and other things that are needed. I'll go down there and stock up on pet supplies this weekend if i can.

I'll also check if the hardware store can order some litter for me.

What about the newspaper litter, Yesterday's News? Is that stuff any good?

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