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After my previous post, I found that changing kitty's food from dry to wet (purina canned) food all the symptoms such as weak legs, rolling on the floor, staying away from us & etc etc had gone away and she looked back to normal. But once again now she has started doing the same, this is after I have switched back to the dry food (for kittens) I have not yet started feeding her adult food, shes 10 months. I have consulted a vet and he says this is normal and kittens tend to do this when they're the only one being around, she will be normal in at least 10 days, on hearing this from the vet I was kinda shocked. However I am not taking that for an ans and will be switching to purina food once again to see the results, if she feels normal again then I think I,ll take her to a different vet.

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