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My kitty Sam of 14 yrs. just recently came down with hind leg weakness. Took him to the Vet. Did all the blood work - all was normal. We put him on Duralactin. Sam takes it well. It is an inflammatory medication -- he is still weak, but all else is normal. He eats, drinks and relieves himself. He is unable to jump up on anything high, but have built him all sorts of short steps which he is able to navigate. I have five other kitties. My concern that this maybe contagious (?). My next step with my Vet is accupuncture and look into the possibility if he may have some sort of worm. He is an indoor kitty. If anyone has any answers or have received new info, would you be so kind as to email me the info. Sam came down with this about a month ago or so.
Thanks, John.
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