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Um, I am personally having a problem with keely..

When somebody walks down the road (Our house is far from the road) Keely freaks out. She barks, growls, and runs around.. She has escaped not once but TWICE. The first time my dad came home and before i could catch her, he opened the door and she darted out into the road ,as the person was across the street. And we live on the highway with cars coming at 80 km/h.. And she just ran out in front of them.

The second time, was similar, except she was hookedd on outside and my mom was watching her through the wondow of the door, waiting for her to do her business, Somebody was walking up the road, She heard them and did the whole bark, and freak out thing. And she slipped her collar and ran out into the street. AGAIN. Thankfully the person walkig up the street crossed the road and started walking up the driveway so mom could catch keely.

And when we are walking, She And there is a person walking on front of us, or walking toward us. She Will bark and growl and try to run after them.
If they are walking ahead of us, She wont stop barking until they are out of site or turn in somewhere.

The thing is. When they are walking by the house and she gets off. she will run at them, but if they step towards her, she will run away from them and bark, and when they stop, she runs after them again.

And on walks she will stop barking if i get close to the person and talks to them. And if they bend down to touch her she will submit to them

I honestly dont know what to do. Im not sure if its agression or not?
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