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Hello to everyone,
Junior is still occasionally having some bleeding, especially if I let him go outside and sniff around. He is eating and drinking fine, and sleeps alot. He is still on the vitamin K. After a few discussions with my vet who has known Junior through all of his other trials, we have come to a conclusion as a family to not do further tests or treatments. He has lived a longer than normal life for a basset and I think in my heart that he has had enough! He can barely walk around the yard, due to his arthritis, is completely deaf, nearly blind, and just old! We are loving him up constantly, he is never alone more than a couple of hours, even our neighbors are helping to check on him. He has won the hearts of all he has wagged his tail at.
To mrsjackblack: I am so happy that Killian outlived his prognosis that gives us all hope, and I am so sorry for your loss. To Shrek and JDFlea: Hang in there with us we can make it a day at a time! To hazelrunpack: Thanks for the hug and Junior is sending one back to you!
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