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Originally Posted by kikimau View Post
We don't feed raw because we need enough food to feed ourselves, how are we supposed to buy an extra steak/veggies for our animals isnt that like feeding a child? :P
I make my own raw for my cats and it comes to about 1.50 a pound, cheaper than cat food and a whole lot better for them. I get the chicken back bones from a local butcher at .25 per pound and they still have a lot of meat on them. The rest of the meat is what ever is on sale for that week. If it is a good sale, I stock up and freeze the meat until I grind it. I use a scale to weigh the bones, liver/heart and the muscle meat to ensure that I am getting the correct ratio and add a few egg yolks to the mix. In my last batch it cost me $14 and made the equivilant to $80 of Instinct canned.
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