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Update on Shrek

Hello Hazelrunpack,

Shrek has done so well, considering it was quite awhile ago since the vet thought he'd have 1-3 weeks left. Back then, he'd been having huge nosebleeds at least 3 a day, and had such a big one at the vet's that the Dr was worried if it were to continue that Shrek could go into shock. Shrek's vet has been amazing , he phones alot to get updates on Shrek, and somehow (though he's very busy) manages to make us feel like Shrek is his only patient! He tried Shrek on Azithromycin which cleared up his secondary infection, and for we had no significant discharge, and no bleeds. His stomach was doing wonderfully (porridge after his breakfast, and porridge with probiotic natural yoghurt after his dinner has really helped). Shrek also gained back 3 pounds. I was worried after the first course of antibiotics finished, as Shrek looked worse within days, so the vet gave us another 2 courses which isn't the norm, but felt it warranted in Shrek's case (especially with his stomach holding so well). This perked him up again, and he looked amazing. After that he had a rest from the medication, as the discharge had returned. The thickening just in front of his right eye started to grow. The vet gave us some Steroid eye drops, but it didn't help as much as he'd hoped. He tried Shrek on Baytril, but that didn't seem to do much. So, Shrek is back on Azithromycin for the moment. We were starting to think that the bacteria was developing a resistance to the anibiotic, but we found out from a mucous test that there is no resistance showing. He had a bleed the other day, but so far, it hasn't returned . Although his lump is growing at a rather alarming rate now, and we're going week to week. Shrek has been enjoying the spring weather. He's been going on walks, and playing in the yard, and loving being able to lie outside and chew on soup-bones from the butcher. And as you can see, he's still good at taking up the better part of a queen-sized bed. (I had to sleep sideways one night, because he was so peaceful I didn't want to disturb him! LOL!)
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