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Poor Wheezy, he had to have a hematoma (accumulation of blood) on the inside of his external ear drained this afternoon. The vet wanted to put him under but because of Wheezy's breathing problems we decided that he would simply drain it right there and hope for the best. Plus antibiotics, eardrops, and more Revolution (because he still has mites). When I said no way was I going to pill this cat since my chances of getting seriously hurt are way too high , he immediately offered Convenia. I let him go ahead but reading back in this thread, I am a bit worried. Wheezy won't be going anywhere tonight so I can keep an eye on him. Oh, and I just looked at my bill - are you sitting down? - $46 - bloody hell. I'd like to see some stats on how effective Convenia is, leave aside the side effects.

Wheezer-man was so brave, after we got him out of the cage
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