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Well said cell!

While some think of themselves as mothers or fathers to their dogs, I think of him more as my buddy. Yeah I give him food, and teach him manners, but he's my bud, not my son. I think that too many people out there "mother" too much. In that context I mean it as coddle and overprotect. Now not everyone does that of course, but there are a lot of owners out there that do, and humanize their dogs to the point that they are completely insecure in their natural environment, and don't know how to interact with their own species.

And how on earth did you make the leap from someone talking about mothering a dog to "Dispariging motherhood is done by tiny little "men" who never grew up and feel the need to blame someone else for everything wrong in their lives. Yup, blame the women and slap the dogs into submission." ?

First of all, no one here is disparaging motherhood to HUMANS, second, all men never grow up (sorry to all the guys couldn't resist that one), and the last? Give me a break you're insulting men everywhere with that one (maybe your mom's manners lessons are a little hard to remember right now). I may poke fun at guys for acting like kids sometimes, but maybe we could all use a dose of acting like a kid every once and a while.