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hey, it's been a long time since i posted here. it's been a year and a week since killian's first nose bleed and today we had to make the decision i've been dreading. the tumor suddenly spread from his nose into the rest of his head. the right side of his skull was suddenly swollen to twice it's normal size. in one day. it's been hard for him to breath and he's had blood and mucous from his nostrils since his first nose bleed, but he never stopped playing or eating. i kept wondering how i'd know it was time, but i knew this morning, after our night last night it was time. i am beyond sad for us, but happy he is no longer in pain. i know the average lifespan past the first nosebleed is 3-5 months, and feel amazingly blessed to have him for over a year. i just wanted to update and let you all know that they can live longer than the statistics i'm sad to see so many new people here, this is an awful cancer. hugs to you all.
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